Clubhouse Church

My mom cleaned out their walk-out attic this week. The boys helped with getting rid of lots of stuff and cleaning. After all their hard work, they've discovered a new place to hang out and play! They call the attic their clubhouse. They seem to spend every waking moment there right now. The weather has been perfect...not too cold and not too hot so they can be up there for long periods of time.

This morning we had "church" at home because we are really trying to get used to being able to worship and learn in small group settings like we'll be teaching others in Brazil to do. Mike thought the clubhouse would make an excellent spot for our time together this morning.

It wasn't your typical service. There were lots of ladybugs and wasps that tried to join us through our open windows.

The dust was, at times, a bit overwhelming for Jackson's allergies.

But we managed...

Just proves that "we" the church can meet just about anywhere as long as 2 or more are gathered in HIS name!


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The Byrd's Nest said...

I love it Rebecca! I am praying your visas come soon and you can gooooooo!!!!!

Kelly Summers said...

nice going guys! I love it!